How to Gently Detox Everyday

The liver is not the only organ or system that works to detoxify your body. Often we overwork our liver because not only are our environment, our food supply, and our household products full of toxins, our ability to release and get rid of toxins is often compromised by genetic polymorphisms, nutrient deficiencies, and/or after a lifetime of use and abuse. 

Nutritional therapy practitioners follow the philosophy that in order to support healing & health, we need to not only REMOVE stressors, but also BOOST weaknesses. It is the same with detoxification.

As we work to improve our diet, support our liver's ability to heal itself, and reduce toxins as much as we can in our food, products, and environment, it helps significantly if we are also boosting our “toxin” elimination pathways.

If you're just starting out, I recommend picking at least one per pathway to add to your daily routine. Get those right and then start adding more!


Toxins are released from your skin when you sweat; when pores are open

  • Skin Brushing: You can get this one: Skin Brush (for detox & relaxation) & Here is a youtube video going over how and why to do skin brushing (moving the lymph) as well as some good info on detox baths, which are wonderful to do every day at before bed
  • Sauna (try to make it 20 mins/day at least 2 times a week)
  • Steam Room (same as sauna, depending which you prefer)
  • Exercise (sweat) and/or rebounding on a trampoline
  • Baths (epsom salt is great!
  • Oil Pulling


  • Deep breathing exercises like with meditation or yoga
  • Exercise (deeper breathing)


  • Enemas (Helps release toxins from colon; good for any constipation). The enema kit I use.
  • Hydration (water + sea salt or mineral drops): Take your weight/2 = bare minimum oz of water per day. Water Filtering: I use a Berkey & I use “Trace Minerals Research” Trace mineral drops shown here.
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics in foods (fermented dairy & veggies) & supplements (Prescript Assist or other high quality professional-grade probiotic)
  • Being relaxed (See Parasympathetic Activities)
  • Magnesium Sufficiency (A calming mineral in epsom salt baths and/or use magnesium supplementation (dosage according to health practitioner))
Laura Duzett