How to Prepare for the GAPS Intro (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Diet

Okay, so you've read through my GAPS Intro handout with the list of all the supplies, "A Day In The Life" for each stage to help you understand what each stage is like, and you're ready to commit and get started on this amazing journey! So now what?

1. Gather Supplies & Resources:

Utilize the list I provided in the GAPS Resources handout to identify which supplies you need to order.

2. Login to the meal planning app, take tutorials, and orient yourself!

Modernmeal_-_Meal_Planning_for_Culinary_and_Health_Professionals 4.jpg

3. Make Your First Broth!

broth small.jpg

4. Determine if you can/will get raw dairy to make your own fermented dairy products. 

yogurt small.jpg

5. Make your first yogurt & your first ghee!! (If you decide to do that) Recipes are in the meal planning app!

6. Test your dairy of choice on your wrist overnight

Before bed put on a dab, let it dry, then turn in for the night. Check in the morning for any skin reaction!

7. Make lots of soup & freeze!

I recommend making 2-3 batches of broth and making 3 different soups. Take half of each and freeze them: these are your reserves for when you are feeling “detoxy”/tired.

8. Make your coconut creams!

coconut creams small.jpg

These are great quick-energy-deliverers and they are a nice sweet treat in the midst of all the savory soupy-ness! I make a ton and put in the freezer or fridge in a tupperware to grab as I need them.

9. Say NO and SIMPLIFY

Look at your schedule for the next 6-8 weeks. What can you reschedule, cancel, shorten, make more efficient, re-assign, lower expectations? This is your time to focus on supporting your health!

10. Now look at your schedule and decide when you will:

  • Plan your next week’s meals, make the grocery list
  • Plan when you will shop and how you will shop. Can you order some for delivery? I use Costco’s delivery service and sometimes use Amazon’s for New Seasons or Whole Foods.

11. Find time to tell your body to heal

Now look at your DAILY schedule and find time for calming, parasympathetic habits like:

12. Find time to help your body detoxify

Now look at your DAILY schedule and find time for detox habits like:

13. Schedule your start day & let me know!

14. Communicate Communicate Communicate!

Workday by Kelly Brito.jpg

Plan to communicate with me at least once a day for the first few days! I want to know how you are doing and help you make any adjustments you need to make.

Laura Duzett