Gut Health Nutrition 101:

How to Love Your Guts So They Can Love You Back!

Diet is the most powerful tool for improving your health, but very few consider this fact: 

You could eat the most perfect diet, but if your digestive system & microbiome are sub-par, your absorption of nutrients & ability to fight disease will be sub-par.

This is the reason why in 2016 President Obama supplied 121 million dollars to begin the National Microbiome Initiative

Broth . . . A foundational element of any good gut-healing nutritional protocol.

Broth . . . A foundational element of any good gut-healing nutritional protocol.

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Class Description:

  • This class is all about YOU getting an idea whether or not YOUR digestion & microbiome are setting you up for success and then providing you with the knowledge and tools to optimize this most foundational system to help you meet your health goals.

each student receives:

  • A “Gut Health” Score to see the problematic symptoms that should be addressed
  • “3 Paths to Digestive Bliss” to choose from with clinically-proven nutritional protocols to try
  • Food lists, example meal plans, and shopping lists for each path
  • Supplement guide w/ bonus: What probiotics are worth the money?

outline of the class:

(1) What Is Your Gut Health Score? Questionnaire.

(2) Symptoms of Digestive Dysfunction & Poor Microbiome Balance

(3) Why Digestive Health Matters

  • It’s how our bodies get nutrients! 
  • Proven connection to all chronic & autoimmune disease
  • Proven connection to brain & mental health
  • Microbiome Science (An exploding cutting-edge field): We feed them to help us

(4) Overview of: How Digestion Works & What Can Damage it

(5) What Should My Poop Look Like? Read your poop like tea leaves to your health!

(6) Three Paths to Better Digestion & Microbiome Based on your Gut Health Score

(7) Example Meal Plans & Shopping Lists for Each Path