High Stakes Nutrition
High Stakes Nutrition
Love Your Guts. Free Your Mind. Live Your Life!

/ ian / okinawa, japan /

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i'm digesting everything better

I was having all sorts of diarrhea, I was gassy, and had active gut issues. It was stopping me from training hard at the gym. I just stopped going because it was pointless. I felt almost sick and weak. I knew there was an underlying issue I needed to address.

Now I'm digesting everything better. I haven't had emergencies or "gotta rush to the bathroom" moments in a LONG time.  I'm finally working out again at Crossfit!



/ d.p. / tennessee, usa / retired service disabled veteran


acid reflux is gone, more energy, better sleep, & weight loss

So before I started this program, I had acid reflux all the time, especially at night.  It was awful.  This program honestly removed that within probably the first 7 to 10 days.  And a byproduct of that has been, my sleeping has improved dramatically

Laura is honest and direct yet offers a supportive and soothing bedside manner if you will… she is extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field of Nutrition Science and builds a program that is customized to her individual client.  She is continuously probing for ways she can improve upon what you’re doing while also offering the encouragement you need to push through the rough days.  After only a couple of emails and our first Skype session, I had a sense of feeling like I had known her for a long time already. 

The program works. Consider it an investment in yourself that gives back in the best way possible; by extending your life! The food and recipes are actually very delicious besides being nutritious. 


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I spent years going to doctors & less than a week of starting the diet with laura, I was pain free.

I absolutely LOVE working with Laura. Her services are worth the money you pay.  In the long run, the money you spend working with her, will save you so much more in the years to come.

 I LOVE that Laura has took the guess work out of it. I also LOVE how quickly she responds to my million questions and how she is always there with a positive attitude.

I had almost every test you can think of run, I had two surgeries, and I was on different medications and supplements to try to not be in pain. The doctors could never fully figure out why my pain kept coming back.  All the doctors wanted to do was put me on pain medications or tell me the pain was all in my head. 

After being in pain daily for almost 5 years, this diet and working with Laura has been a God send.



i feel fantastic. since working with Laura I sleep 7 hours a night! 

I feel like my life has changed since working with Laura. Nutrition and physiology are complicated, but Laura put together a program for me that was easy to understand, follow, and implement into my daily life.  She explained the 'why' of things and put it in layperson terms.

The result: I changed my lifestyle, I have had a 22% reduction in symptoms, and I feel fantastic. One of the most important changes since working with Laura -- I sleep 7 hours a night. And that's truly life changing.

/  Matt c. / utah, usa  /

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"My mood has improved. I've saved money."

While working with Laura the results I got were amazing. My sugar cravings went away, and I felt like my mind was in a better spot with more focus!

My mood has improved, I've saved money because I have a set grocery list, less food waste because I cooked everything I bought, my joints feel better and feel better over all!

I learned to cook nutritious foods, that help my body, I got into healthy habits, I learned to meal prep that kept me on track, saved me money, and overall time!

Laura was excellent to work with, very knowledgeable, and helped me fine tune my diet to fit my lifestyle!

/  errin / utah, usa  /

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"My hair loss has slowed almost completely, my skin has started to glow, and I have much more energy."

This program literally changed my life. I was in a pretty dark downward spiral, and with Laura's strong support I was able to take control of my health. I have a long way to go to get my nutrition where I would like it to be, but I wouldn't be on the path to doing so had I not worked with Laura.

I had significant health gains in following this program. My digestive system was a wreck, I was struggling to consume enough calories and enough nutrients. My hair was falling out, I was tired and weak. Since completing this course of nutrition and supplements, my digestion has improved significantly, my hair loss has slowed almost completely, my skin has started to glow and I have much more energy.

I loved having a person to be accountable to who was outside of my normal family and social circle, but who was also a person that made me feel comfortable sharing my successes and struggles. Laura is great at not letting you get down on yourself. As a bit of a perfectionist, I have a hard time when I don't do everything "right", so I want to give up. She is amazing at reminding you that little changes lead to big changes, that doing something is better than nothing.

/  jamison / kazakhstan  /

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"now i can focus"

I've lost weight, I don't have gas anymore, my energy is ridonculous, and I've been super productive. Normally my brain is all over the place but now I can focus and sit and actually do work.

/ allie d. / utah, usa /


"she [helped] me achieve my goals ... in all areas of my life."

Laura is an incredible mentor. I feel confident that anyone willing to do the work with her, will find themselves supported not just nutritionally but in almost every other aspect of their lives. This program has an immense potential to change not just your present, but your future--not just your body, but your mind as well.

After serious postnatal depletion, whenever I would try to exercise, it was like my body was saying, "I have enough in me to keep you alive, but not to support you exercising. Do this at your own risk!" I was bummed because I wanted to feel healthy again. I'm so happy to report that after three months of working with Laura, I am now actually going to the gym multiple times a week, doing kundalini yoga sets on my days not at the gym, and I'm finally feeling totally safe doing so. My body is actually joyful about exercise again for the first time in years. I am SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS!!

I love how she inspires me to want to nourish my future self! She is a voice for nourishing your own body and preparing yourself to have this beautiful, fulfilling future that is only possible with a well-nourished body. I felt like she was helping me to achieve my goals for my future in all areas of my life, not just nutritionally. It has been amazing.

/ anna nielsen / maryland, usa / 

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"increased energy, clearer mind"

I lost weight and gained an amazing amount of knowledge. I learned things from Laura that I will incorporate into the rest of my life. [I have achieved] increased energy, clearer mind, & learning about the needs of my specific body.

I loved the constant communication I had with Laura.

Whenever I had a question I could just email or text Laura and she was respond almost immediately. Laura never made me feel like any of my questions or concerns were dumb or insignificant.

She did a great job of making me feel comfortable every step of the way.

 / jennifer / washington, usa /

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"incredibly easy ways to take control over my nutrition & health"

I highly recommend working with Laura. She not only taught me incredibly easy ways to take control over my nutrition and health, but she is extremely supportive and looks for ways to make your life work for you.

The crepitus in my knees disappeared. It was extremely bad and I took joint support for it. I would not have gotten the joint relief that I did without you, Laura!

As time went on, my hunger decreased and I realized I was satisfying my body in ways I didn't know it needed. I also have had an incredible increase in energy. 

I feel empowered over my health. I have stabilized my blood sugar. I understand how to eat "outside of the box." Literally.

/ riki / canada /

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"Food that makes me feel full and feel good."

When I came into this program, I was able to cook, but I always had trouble deciding **what** to cook. I was hesitant to see a nutritionist because I’m skeptical of trendy diets, but I wanted to eat better. I was ordering out way too often (at least 2-3 times per week), spending a bunch of money, and feeling awful after. I’ve easily saved over $300 per month on food.

Laura helped me understand my own body’s needs, rather than what most people need. She helped me understand the building blocks of a balanced diet; Food that makes me feel full and feel good.

I've noticed I'm not hungry nearly as often. My energy levels are much higher!